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3 Years

Elementary School Grade kindergarten is the first step for a child toward laying his educational foundation. Kindergarten is a online Elementary school educational approach that conventionally includes activities such as playing, singing, drawing, and practical activities that help nurture social skills.

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5 Years
Elementary School

First school year in Elementary school after Kindergarten. Children who are usually 5 years old are enrolled for this grade.During their time in the first grade, children are taught the basic fundamentals of Math. Basic geometry along with graphing may also be introduced.

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11 Years
Middle School

The sixth grade is usually the start of middle school with students typically in the range of 11 years of age. The Middle School is when students are usually introduced to a new way of learning.

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17 Years
High School

The High School course curriculum is interactive and structured per Common Core State Standards to stimulate the student’s interest whilst engaging them in the learning process and maintaining their focus for successful core course completion and that of a diverse selection of languages and electives.

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